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Mahreen Mustafa George & Sierra Fisher to present at CASEL's national forum on SEL in Atlanta, GA


Leaders as Learners: Building the Village Our Children Need

This is the theme of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning's (CASEL's) conference coming up this week in Atlanta. "When adults and students alike have meaningful, inclusive opportunities to learn and develop social and emotional skills, we build a village where everyone thrives." 

Hosted by CASEL, the Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Exchange is the nation’s largest forum on SEL. The SEL Exchange is an opportunity to connect and learn with leaders from around the world. Running from November 7-9, researchers, policy leaders, educators, and members of the SEL community will be exploring the latest SEL innovations and evidence, with a focus on the importance of advancing adult SEL that promotes SEL for young people.

This coming Wednesday, November 8, Sierra Fisher, MS, Social and Emotional Learning Implementation and Youth Engagement Consultant, and Mahreen Mustafa George, Associate Director of Equity and School Services with CI's Whole Child Connection are presenting "A Case Study for Building Adult SEL Skills Through Affirming Affinity Groups for Educators of Color." In order to prioritize students’ social and emotional competence, schools must create inclusive environments where staff of color feel a sense of belonging. Their poster presentation will provide an example of an affinity group framework that can be adapted by school districts to support the creation of more inclusive environments for educators of color through transformative adult SEL practices.

It is imperative that educators are engaged, supported, and experience a sense of belonging, in order to promote the social and emotional competence of students. The BIPOC Educator Network (BEN) was established by three women of color with the aim of supporting the retention of educators who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC). Through cultivating a greater sense of belonging, this affinity group established a secure and welcoming space for collaboration, affirmation, support, and connection with those who share similar lived experiences. Their case study illustrates how an affinity group for educators of color can have a positive impact on teacher retention, school climate, and students’ social and emotional skill development. 

The selection of Sierra and Mahreen's poster for national conference presentation is a testament to their passion, hard work, and commitment to equity. May this presentation be a great success, and inspire and inform others.

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