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07 June 2019 |

It was the best of games . . . it was the worst of games . . .

Travel with me to a nearby soccer field – choose any one that you like as they are all pretty much full this time of year.  Picture two teams of adolescent girls warming up with their teammates, running, stretching, taking shots on goal, with easy banter and laughter catching the breeze. They represent girls not looking for scholarships or hopes of college play, just some extra practice with the ball, physical activity in a game they love, and time with friends.


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07 March 2019 |

Music is a powerful and sometimes overlooked tool for creating positive environments for young people. There is plenty of research showing that music can help develop language processing skills in young children, calm dysregulated minds, and create a positive atmosphere. Musical notes can be words in a language when plain old English just won’t cut it.

children playing instruments

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06 February 2019 |

As we celebrate National School Counselor Week (February 4-8, 2019), it’s a great time to remember to extend your gratitude to all mental health support staff working in your environment. School psychologists, school counselors, social workers, and school nurses are all part of a larger system that looks out for the well-being of our young people every day. These professionals work hard behind the scenes to make sure that vulnerable students get resources they need, and everyone in your education community is supported. Here are some ideas you could leverage to check in on your MHP’s this month.

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