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Creative Ways to Celebrate

Palmyra Macedon Primary School

South Buffalo Charter School

RCSD School #33

RCSD School #33

How will you celebrate 60 years of Primary Project?

Celebrate using one of these ideas or perhaps one that your team comes up with! Keep us posted on how you decide to celebrate throughout the year.

  1. Display blank posters near/at the entrance of the school building and ask parents and visitors to share their own personal ways that they play.
  2. Place a “memory jar” where students and staff can share a favorite memory about Primary Project.
  3. Include in the school/district newsletter a 60th birthday announcement for Primary Project, highlighting the importance of play and the positive impact it has on young children.
  4. Designate a special week or period of time during the year where classrooms take a special“play break.”
  5. Celebrate with cake! Personalize it by including the 60th logo. Invite both school staff and parents.
  6. At school events (i.e. open houses) display a large poster celebrating 60 years of Primary Project.  During the event offer ways to promote and highlight the importance of play.
  7. Display a collage of Primary Project pictures taken over the years.
  8. “Where are they now?” Ask that past Primary Project students write/share their experiences with Primary Project and how they found it to be valuable.
  9. Have students create a banner for the school in celebration of 60 years.
  10. Sing happy birthday to Primary Project at a school assembly or during morning announce-ments.
  11. Have a traditional birthday party for Primary Project and invite the school community/parents to come and learn more about Primary Project and how it helps to support student’s adjustment to school.
  12. Designate a day to celebrate with extended recess/play time.
  13. Use opportunities later in the year (i.e. field days) to keep the celebration going by connecting Primary Project with school-wide activities that already possess a natural “play” connection.
  14. Include Primary Project along with the 60th logo on the school’s website.
  15. Display 60th balloons outside of the playroom.
  16. Have students create birthday cards or drawings to display in the hallway where the playroom is located.
  17. Bring toys to school that were created or popular in 1957 and incorporate them into school events, gym class, recess, etc.
  18. Craft a poem for the 60th birthday.
  19. Display a large basket filled with expressive toys and sell raffle tickets. Proceeds help support the purchase of playroom supplies for Primary Project.
  20. Coordinate a school bake sale in support of Primary Project with proceeds to purchase play-room items.
  21. Gather students to spell out “Happy Birthday Primary Project” on the school lawn and take a photograph.
  22. Host a parent play date to allow parents an opportunity to experience what their children do in the playroom. Share with parents what specific activities their child engages in during their time in Primary Project (i.e. sand, Legos, play-doh, etc.), emphasizing the value of play.
  23. Connect with Children’s Institute via Facebook and see how other schools are celebrating.
  24. Decorate the door to the playroom in a birthday theme.
  25. Dedicate a garden project to 60 years of Primary Project.
  26. Have students develop skits or video montages to share what they love about Primary Project.
  27. Include Primary Project or a play activity during Spirit Week.
  28. Post on your school’s social media page (Facebook, Twitter) about how you are celebrating Primary Project’s 60th birthday.
  29. Host a 60 day “play” challenge at your school!
  30. Bring your team and join us at the Primary Project conference celebrating 60 years of Primary Project in Rochester, NY on October 26 & 27.


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