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Program Consultation

Your consultant is available to answer questions to support high-quality programming right from the start. The primary purpose of consultation is to provide ongoing assistance in the implementation of program core components, with specific attention to trouble-shooting challenges that may arise, and to support maintenance of the program over time. Consultation has been found to play a critical role in the success and sustainability of programs.

How is consultation accessed?
The project coordinator and mental health professional may access consultation through virtual visits, telephone calls, and/or email.

How frequently should we connect with our consultant?
Consultation frequency varies on the needs of programs. For instance, a new program may be in regular communication with their consultant as startup issues are unique to each site. Similarly, a program that has years under its belt may access consultation related to troubleshooting a challenge they have encountered. Consultation continues to be available not only during the life of the award but post-funding. 

What is typically discussed during consultation?
While an exhaustive list of topics cannot be listed here, some frequent issues that are discussed are:

  • Program start-up
  • Child selection
  • Processing the year in review, what went well, and areas program improvements may be made
  • Development of a plan for the subsequent year with the establishment of program goals and timelines
  • Preparation for national certification
  • Strategies to share program evaluation data with stakeholders
  • Use of COMET®
  • Long-range funding efforts for program sustainability
  • Strengthening teacher and administration support
  • Use of space
  • The intervention and child-led play
  • Child-specific issues that may arise

Who should be available for consultation?
A program visit includes interaction with both the core Project team and the principal. If the principal is unable to participate in the team discussion, the consultant will meet with the principal separately, and any other district personnel who may be appropriate. This administrative connection relates to the core component in Primary Project of program integration into the school community and district level planning. Consultation serves as a natural opportunity to build these relationships and connections.


Lynn Smith, LMSW
Co-Director of Primary Project
(585) 295-1000, ext. 244

Mary Carol Dearing, LCSW-R

Shelley M. Sanyshyn, MS
Co-Director of Primary Project
(585) 295-1000, ext. 251