Behavioral Supports for Children


Would you like to improve the ability of staff, parents, and programs to identify and reduce the impact of behavioral health challenges among children?

Our expertise in Behavioral Health Consultation stems from our decades-long partnerships with schools and the early education and care communities.

With our recognized team of mental health professionals, you will experience caring, compassionate, responsive, and cost-effective services to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to provide you with the consultation you need, delivered to your location at your convenience.


  • Teachers, administrators, and parents of children who have challenging behaviors in the classroom


  • The behavioral consultant observes the child in the classroom on several occasions to identify the conditions under which the challenging behavior occurs
  • The consultant convenes a team of the administrator, teacher, and parents to plan steps to address what the caregiver can do to help the child become successful in the setting
  • If additional services are needed, they are coordinated and tracked to ensure follow-up


  • Increases the capacity of school staff to work with children with behavioral needs
  • Addresses children’s developmental needs in their classrooms by providing feedback to teachers
  • Strengthens children’s social and emotional health


  • Ensures that the specific needs of the children and teachers are met using a one-on-one, individualized approach
  • Improves children’s social, emotional, and communicative competence
  • Reduces the impact of behavioral problems in the classroom
  • Focuses on family to give parents the tools to support their children’s success


  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has conducted and supported research that concludes that Behavioral Health Consultation services are most effective for children who are at greatest risk for school failure
  • Research has shown that children in classrooms receiving Behavioral Health Consultation show better social, emotional, and communicative competence than children in classrooms not receiving Behavioral Health Consultation
  • Current research on Behavioral Health Consultation seeks to identify characteristics of successful consulting including a focus on developmental needs; individualized, comprehensive, community-based, and coordinated services; family participation; and strengths



Leopold, E., Zordan, E., Infurna, C., & Strano, L. (2018). Behavioral Supports for Children: Behavioral health consultation for Rochester child care centers 2017-18 report. Children’s Institute Technical Report T18-019.


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