School Adjustment

Primary Project helps children adjust to school, gain confidence, social skills, and focus on learning.

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Early Education Quality

RECAP plays a foundational role in promoting positive child outcomes and program quality improvements.

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Social Emotional Learning

Customized trainings build the foundation for a student's successful school experience.

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Child Care Accreditation

Pathways Accreditation enables centers to improve quality and achieve their accreditation goal.

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NOW is the moment

All the research shows that prevention and early intervention are the best medicine. When we reach children early, we reclaim for them years of health and happiness, and increase the likelihood that they will grow to be responsible, caring citizens. Children's Institute was founded more than 50 years ago in Rochester, NY. Today we serve professionals across the U.S. through a number of programs and services. Read more about us and the ways we make a difference.

The mission of Children's Institute is to equip and support those who work with children to ensure the success of every child.


Direct help to the people who work with children. Our award-winning programs and services help kids who struggle with school adjustment, violence, obesity and separation from a parent. Read more


Early identification speeds help to kids. Teachers, school psychologists, social workers, physicians and parents all take advantage of our state-of-the-art assessment, consultation and evaluation services. Read more


Knowledge is empowerment. We share what we know with professionals across the nation through our curriculum in infant and toddler care, early literacy and play therapy, delivered live, online and through written material. Read more

Research & Evaluation

Informed decision-making. The stakes for children are high, and missteps cost time and money. We bring scientific research and rigorous review to childhood programs, policies, and projects so that you can move ahead with confidence. Read more



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