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22 April 2020 |

Dear Parents and Primary Caregivers: Ask yourself these three questions right now...

16 April 2020 |

Local to global communities are now contending with an infectious agent that momentarily lays beyond our collective control as it can readily take a life. Yet, in all times and in all communities, intent to positively care for one another and our relationships is how we each routinely give life.

15 April 2020 |

Jonathan Trost, J.D., first learned about the Primary Mental Health Project (PMHP) as an 18-year-old teenager. As the son of Mary Ann Trost, one of the founders, Jonathan knows more about the beginning and history of PMHP than any other living person. Jonathan has been a stalwart ambassador of Children’s Institute to the community for 62 years.   

15 April 2020 |

In her home state of Maine, Mary Anne Peabody became aware of Primary Project (Healthy Learners Initiative) as a school social worker and provided leadership and supervision for the program at Woodside Elementary School. She met Debbie Johnson at an informational meeting and after several years began to support the program throughout Maine and became a co-trainer for schools in her home state.

15 April 2020 |

It is my pleasure to nominate Patricia Leo for the Children’s Institute Coterie. Now the Executive Director of the Florence Muller Foundation, Patricia has a long history of serving our community with a special interest in the health and well-being of children and families. Patricia was part of the United Way for over 21 years.