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11 November 2022 |

Recent Highlights - November 2022

28 October 2022 |

Children’s Institute’s Get Ready to GROW team was honored with a Gold Award for Team Excellence – Get Ready to GROW Referrals: Let’s “Close the Loop!”

28 September 2022 |

Our ability to develop meaningful relationships is an essential part of our social and emotional development. Take a moment to reflect on a meaningful relationship in your life.

28 September 2022 |

Happy September! It’s fall, that time of transition and change when the blogs and newsletters are all about fresh starts and clean slates. However, this is not that kind of message. In fact, this is a message about bringing your whole self with you, baggage and all, into this new school year.

24 August 2022 |

Children’s Institute (CI) always enjoys ramping up our work as the summer wanes. It is at that time that our team gets to reconnect with school staff and youth and focus on our mission: Joining together to raise every child’s complete wellbeing and our vision: Supportive communities where every family can raise children who thrive as they live, learn, and play.