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08 June 2022 |

Our hearts are broken for the city of Buffalo today, where a white supremacist opened fire at a Tops market on Saturday, killing 10 and injuring 3. Eleven of the victims were African American, including a 77-year-old grandmother who ran a food pantry, and an 86-year-old woman who was simply shopping for her husband who she is taking care of.

08 June 2022 |

Unfolding is the grief, tragic loss, fear, anger, and pain from witnessing the racially motivated mass murder in Buffalo this weekend. We begin as we simply can - even when words fail to capture our feelings - by supporting one another, and by embracing our Western NY to world families left now to confront the horror of this act.

19 May 2022 |

RECAP, which stands for the Rochester Early Childhood Assessment Partnership, has been a core component of our work at Children’s Institute for the past three decades.

03 May 2022 |

On Sunday, May 1, 2022, the sun was shining, and families were smiling at the PBS KIDS Day at Golisano Autism Center, and the Get Ready to GROW team was there!

29 April 2022 |

On Thursday morning, April 28, 2022, Children’s Institute (CI) held a celebratory Community Breakfast at Rochester’s beautiful Century Club.