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08 September 2021 |

I learned this afternoon of the passing of Dr. Roger Weissberg, a towering figure in the field of social and emotional learning (SEL) and someone I considered a mentor and friend. I am so very sad – sadder than I fear I have any right to be given how many others knew him so much more personally than I did. But then again, that is a quality Roger had – the ability to make you feel so special and important in his life, even though he had hundreds of people like you in his orbit.

02 September 2021 |

While going back to school in person might be nerve-racking and/or exciting it's important to know you're not alone. Going back to school in person after so much time and change is the perfect opportunity to begin what I like to call our “new normal.”

02 September 2021 |

A colleague recently shared this article about unconditional positive regard written by Alex Shevrin Venet. In it, she talks about the stance she takes with her students being “I care about you. You have value. You don’t have to do anything to prove it to me, and nothing’s going to change my mind.” That is a game changing-attitude.

30 June 2021 |

Guess who is popping up in parks around the county this summer? Our ‘Get Ready to GROW’ bus, in partnership with the Monroe County Library!

23 June 2021 |

As if parenting young children isn’t hard enough. Add the pandemic, remote learning for preschoolers, all kinds of added stress and we know that parents could use a celebration of all they’ve been through.