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We partner with school districts, individual schools, early learning centers, and community-based organizations to support comprehensive implementation of culturally responsive, evidence-based practices, frameworks, and strategies for fostering whole child development.

Our goal is nothing short of transformation. We believe implementing SEL is a long-term journey that takes careful planning and preparation. Whether you are at the beginning of that journey or well on your way, we offer:

  • Need and asset assessment - In order to determine where you want to go, it helps to understand where you are. We use a comprehensive process to understand staff readiness for change, identify existing strategies, and determine where there are gaps.
  • Consultation/planning - We work with individual school, district, or program leadership or with SEL implementation teams to:
    • Develop school or program-wide visions for SEL
    • Use assessment data to determine direction
    • Develop action plans and timelines for implementation
    • Identify appropriate SEL curriculum
    • Determine training or capacity-building needs
    • Rethink policies and procedures
  • Coaching - We provide individual coaching for teachers and program leaders that includes observation and one-on-one sessions on SEL instructional practices.
  • Behavioral Supports for Children (BSC) - We provide comprehensive consultations for early education centers focused around implementation of the Pyramid Model. BSC consists of individual coaching for teachers on how to support children with behavioral needs as well as overall consultation on implementing the Pyramid Model and creating systems to support children's social and emotional development.
  • Stage of Change Approach workshops - 3 or 6 hour workshops