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A Crosswalk Between NYSED’s SEL Benchmarks, NYSED’s Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework, and Learning for Justice’s Social Justice Standards

Developed in partnership with Penfield Central School District, this document crosswalks the new state SEL Benchmarks with NYSED’s Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education Framework and Learning for Justice’s Social Justice Standards. This resource highlights where the three frameworks align and overlap. Our hope is that this document will help educators to see how teaching SEL can contribute to creating environments where all students and staff understand and value their own and others' identities, experiences, and perspectives.

Read the blog: Inclusion vs. Belonging: What’s the Difference and How can SEL Help?

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Implementing NYSED’s Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework
Resources for PreK-2nd Grade Teachers


This user-friendly resource integrates social and emotional learning and equity practices and demonstrates how they can, together, be woven throughout the schedules and routines of the early childhood school day. Designed to support the use of, and adherence to the New York State Department of Education’s Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework (CRSEF), this resource is a collaboration by educators from Children’s Institute, Greece Central School District, and Webster School District, and was underwritten by the Greater Rochester Health Foundation.

Through curated teaching tools, children’s books, articles, videos, and podcasts, this resource supports PreK-2nd grade staff in the successful integration of the CRSEF’s grounding principles and practices during:  SEL Throughout the Day, Mornings and Transitions, Reading and ELA, Science, Math, and Special Areas.

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Classroom Practices

Youth Leadership

Visit the Youth Voices Aren't Too Little: We Are Today's Tomorrow page to watch the May 20, 2021 event, read a blog featuring Rochester youth responses, and listen to an interview with a Rochester youth leader along with other youth voices.

Listen to our Youth Leadership Council (YLC) members share how two SEL practices – Warm Welcomes or “openings” and Optimistic Closures or “closings” – have impacted how their group has built community and made a difference in how they connect, learn important life skills, and ground their work as they lead and elevate youth voice together.
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Community Check-In Conversation Series

Join us and others in our community to simply listen, support, and connect. Virtual Community Check-Ins are a series of virtual community discussions intended to foster human connection and inform our anticipation of needs as we navigate an unprecedented time.