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Co-Director, Primary Project


  • Overall responsibility for the leadership and supervision of Primary Project implementation and growth
  • Program consultation and training specific to Primary Project
  • Activities associated to National Certification of Primary Project
  • Collaborate with research projects related to Primary Project


  • I love to cook.
  • Spending quality time with my family and friends, while eating and enjoying some Genny Light’s.
  • Exploring new places and speaking with the “natives” to be fully submersed in their culture.
  • Listening to music that I can sing along to and remember the moment(s) the song played.
  • Interacting with others.  Listening to people’s stories, their experiences, their beliefs, and their values. 


    • I took dance lessons (tap, jazz and ballet) consistently from the age of 5 until 21. A friend and I used to choreograph the basketball cheerleading half time dances. We even won competitions!
    • I have a long line of family entrepreneurs in my family, most of which were in a small geographical area of where I grew up. A tasty freeze, a wicker store, a hair salon, a clothing store, a restaurant, a driving range and a miniature golf. The family saved money having me work in various roles. Sometimes working for food, sometimes for white wicker bedroom furniture.
    • I love food and will eat almost anything but cannot stand olives. They taste gritty and weird.
    • I once was dared to jump in a very large puddle, the size of a small in ground pool. I accepted the dare but then later regretted this as my mother was unhappy with the state of my clothing and body. Likely there were harmful chemicals in this so called “pond” as it sat near a construction site. It appears there were no long term effects to this decision.
    • Growing up I had a dear friend that’s family were cow farmers. After soccer practice I made her ride in the cow trailer while I sat up front mooing out the truck through our village streets.