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Social and Emotional Learning Implementation and Youth Engagement Consultant


  • Project management related to the promotion and advancement of whole child health and development by building the capacity of adults in child-serving settings
  • Provide consultation and coaching services to schools, districts, and programs for the successful implementation of social and emotional learning using a whole child approach
  • Coordinate and deliver professional learning opportunities related to whole child development through a social, emotional, relational, and culturally responsive lens  
  • Coordinate, manage, and support youth leadership and social-emotional learning development opportunities
  • Co-lead the development of our youth council to learn with and from youth, elevate youth voice, and provide youth leadership opportunities
  • Identify and develop training and coaching resources, tools, and materials related to whole child development
  • Actively engage in the effort to increase awareness on antiracism, equity, and inclusion particularly in child-serving settings


  • Supporting, celebrating, and advocating for all children is my life’s commitment. I believe children who need love the most may ask for it in the most unloving ways; I’m committed to showing those children that they are loved
  • Racial and social justice, equity, and inclusion
  • Representation in children’s literature and media
  • Creating memories with loved ones near and far
  • Performing arts, travel, reading, documentaries, and life long learning


    • My favorite musical of all time is Les Miserables, which I’ve seen over fifty times
    • One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon is exploring an antique shop. I love the history and story each item holds.
    • I spent a summer solo traveling throughout Southeast Europe