BIPOC Educator Network

BIPOC Educator Network

The Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Educator Network at Whole Child Connection is a series of monthly collegial circles intended to provide BIPOC educators with opportunities to build connections across multiple districts and develop a network of support beyond the confines of their school building. Through access to the BIPOC Educator Network affinity group, educators can receive support and affirmation from those with similar lived experiences, share strategies, develop resources, problem-solve collaboratively around addressing issues of inequity, build skills for self-awareness, and celebrate BIPOC excellence. It is important for educators of color to share in trusted vulnerable spaces, and to be strengthened and fortified within predominantly white school spaces.  

This monthly collegial circle will provide a network of support to share in collaboration, affirmation, and connection with fellow BIPOC educators.

Educators participating in the BIPOC Educator Network will have opportunities to experience:

  • Connection, collaboration, and growth
  • Access to resources (sharing strategies, articles, practices, etc.)
  • Development of resources
  • Peer coaching
  • Greater sense of belonging
  • Celebration of BIPOC excellence
  • A network of support

The BIPOC Educator Network is generously funded by the Farash Foundation as part of their Teacher Pipeline Initiative. The goal of this network is to ensure BIPOC educators feel a greater sense of affirming connection and opportunities for collaboration with fellow BIPOC educators ultimately leading to a greater likelihood of staying in the profession.
Meetings will be held virtually on Wednesday evenings from 4:00-6:00 pm from October through June 2023; with quarterly in-person opportunities at Children’s Institute, 274 N. Goodman Street.
In order to develop a strong, ongoing community of support, participants are strongly encouraged to attend all in-person meetings and as many virtual meetings as possible.  
Educators will be eligible for CTLE Credit through BOCES.
The BIPOC Educators Network will be facilitated by BIPOC Staff
For questions, please contact Mahreen Mustafa George, Associate Director of Equity and School Services, Whole Child Connection.
Meeting dates:  

  • October 19 – in-person kickoff meeting at Children's Institute
  • November 16  
  • December 14  
  • January 11  
  • February 15  
  • March 22  
  • April 19
  • May 17
  • June 7

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