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Background Information Form (BIF)




The Background Information Form (BIF) provides a systematic way to gather child information that can be used for mental health programs, special education, general education, and research and evaluation. Once collected, the information can be used to better understand the child and to develop program goals. BIF data also provides a collective picture of children served.

Students may reproduce our assessment measures at no charge for research purposes. Click here to submit a request.

In addition to identifying general information, the BIF includes educational characteristics (alternative programs), parenting situation, and life events.

Grades: PreK-12
Administration: Individual who knows the child

Scannable paper forms can be returned to Children’s Institute to quickly score and summarize the data you’ve collected. Profiles, percentiles, and reports showing total strengths, needs, and trends are provided where applicable. Pre/post evaluations and data files are also available. If you prefer a web-based application, the COMET® Data Management System provides these instruments along with many other, customized e-instruments and reports. For more information and pricing, visit

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