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Stage of Change Approach to Professional Development
Meeting people where they are

DATES: September 19, 2019 or October 17, 2019
TIME: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
LOCATION: Children's Institute

It’s fall. Staff is hired. Classrooms have begun. You are establishing relationships with the staff and teachers. Now you are ready to focus on where to begin. Where do you invest time and resources to make the changes that are most important to this program? The Stage of Change Approach can help focus limited time and resources to build a climate for change.


Mentors and coaches often make the assumption that center staff is ready to learn. Experience teaches us that this isn’t necessarily the case. Some learners resist new information because it goes against their cultural values. Some resist because it isn’t supported by their personal experience. Learners resist good information for many good reasons, and therein lies the challenge of providing universal professional development.

The Stage of Change Approach to Professional Development targets learners where they are.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify a learner’s stage of change
  • Choose effective support strategies tailored to a learner’s stage
  • Measure effects of an intervention before changes in behavior can be observed
  • Allocate limited training resources more effectively

“This was a very good training. I am looking forward to implementing the strategies at our center!”  –Child Care Center Director
“I loved how focused and intentional it was, leaving me with real strategies.”  –Education Specialist and Coach
“I learned more strategies to help with training/mentoring staff.”  –Center Director and Coach
“The passion that the trainers have made the whole training useful and being able to connect with other directors about this topic made it even more relevant."  –Early Childhood Center Director


Kim Avery, MS, Early Care and Education Specialist, Children’s Institute
With over 25 years of experience in the field of early childhood, Kim currently works with centers in a variety of support roles. She also teaches at Empire State College in the field of early childhood. As a Stage of Change Approach presenter, Kim offers workshops, consultation, and technical assistance to educators interested in learning more about this approach.

Linda Murray, BA, Project Coordinator, Children’s Institute
Linda began working in early childhood settings over 18 years ago. She joined Children’s Institute in 2013 with work in early childhood assessment and continues to work with centers, teachers, observers, and early childhood staff through training, professional development, assessment, and Stage of Change. Linda believes in the strengths of the Stage of Change Approach as a viable means to continuous improvement for those who impact the lives of children.

Cost: $150.00 includes 6 hours of comprehensive training and 10 copies of the Stage of Change Scale. Lunch will be provided.

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