Parent Appraisal of Children's Experiences (PACE)


Parent Appraisal of Children's Experiences (PACE)



    The Parent Appraisal of Children's Experiences (PACE) is a parent-completed measure that is used to collect information about the health, family situations, and school readiness skills of students entering kindergarten. The PACE provides schools and communities with a conduit for obtaining information that will help them paint a picture of their incoming kindergarten population.

    Students may reproduce our assessment measures at no charge for research purposes. Click here to submit a request.

    The PACE collects:

    • Demographic information
    • History of childcare arrangements
    • Child’s detailed health history, including birth conditions
    • Maternal smoking and drinking behaviors during pregnancy
    • Assessment of the child's fine and gross motor, and sensory functioning
    • Speech and language development
    • School readiness (cognitive) skills
    • Social, emotional, and behavioral functioning
    • Life experiences and family routines


    Grades: K-2
    Administration: Parents, with assistance from school nurses, teachers, and school administrators

    Scannable paper forms can be returned to Children’s Institute to quickly score and summarize the data you’ve collected. Profiles, percentiles, and reports showing total strengths, needs, and trends are provided where applicable. Pre/post evaluations and data files are also available. If you prefer a web-based application, the COMET® Data Management System provides these instruments along with many other, customized e-instruments and reports. For more information and pricing, visit


    For questions or further assistance, please contact customer service at (585) 295-1000, ext. 221.