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A Tribute to Former Board Members

16 November 2021 |

Mary L. Consler

We'd like to pay tribute to Mary L. Consler, a former board member and champion of the work of Children's Institute, who passed away on October 25, 2021. Mary was one of the first Children’s Institute Coterie Inductees, a group of special friends whose contributions to Children’s Institute have been ongoing and significant. Examples of such contributions include intellectual property, financial property, volunteerism, or a combination of the above.

Mary was a Children’s Institute board member for almost two decades. She was treasurer during the early and mid 1980’s. When she started, Children’s Institute’s fund balance was close to zero. With shrewd investing in the highest yielding most secure securities possible, Mary started Children’s Institute’s climb from financial insecurity to a strong fund balance whose revenues continue to fund new program development to the present day. Mary also chaired the Movers and Shakers Campaign, which supported Children’s Institute's move and renovations to our current space in the year 2000.

Executive director Ann Marie White, Ed.D., wrote, “Mary has been and remains a beacon for us. Her boundless sharing and her many talents made Mary be that special person who lived the change she wanted to see in the world. She is missed dearly at Children's Institute, and please know – like so many others whose lives she touched – we are honored and ever better because of our time together with Mary's leadership. We do miss her and mourn her, greatly. Please know we share in this grief and carry in our hearts for you – her family and friends – hope for the peace and prosperity she worked to bring to all, especially children.”

Mary has requested to honor her memory with a contribution to Children's Institute.

David N. Broadbent

We also pay tribute to David N. Broadbent, a former longtime board member (1993-2012) and board president from 2008 to 2010, who passed away on September 6, 2021. David's was a robust service as he led by example and was always prepared. A 2013 Coterie Inductee, his was a significant giving of time, treasure, and talent. David is someone who, when he agreed to do something, he did it – with gusto!

Edward 'Ted' Boucher

We are saddened by the death in May 2021 of Edward “Ted” Boucher, whose life was taken at the age of 65. Ted served on the Children's Institute board for three years, from 2011 through 2014. He had connected with Children's Institute while serving for many years on the Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF) board, including as chair. A well-known local businessman-philanthropist whose efforts strengthened many nonprofits, for years before and after his service on our board, he and his wife Peggy remained supporters and friends of Children's Institute, both consistently and generously. We continue to appreciate this dedication to families in our community.

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