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The Center for Continuous Improvement at Children's Institute

05 August 2019 |

The Center for Continuous Improvement (CCI) is a newly-created area within Children’s Institute, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with the University of Rochester. Throughout Children’s Institute's 60-year history of research and programming to support children's social-emotional development and well-being, it has demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement. This commitment  is strengthened through the dedication of staff and resources with a clear focus on identifying, developing, and promoting effective ongoing assessment practices that result in providing children and families with the best evidence supported services possible.

The Center for Continuous Improvement will work with those who serve children to ensure that all children learn, play, and thrive in developmentally appropriate environments with the best services and supports to meet their needs.

The Center for Continuous Improvement uses data to identify goals, measure outcomes, and improve the success of programs and practices that affect the well-being of children, strengthening the capacity of adults to make data driven decisions.

We believe….

  • Continuous improvement is a way of life
  • In respect for the individual and supporting each other's growth
  • In lifelong learning and strive to foster this in children and adults
  • All children and families have the right to the best care and services adults are able to offer

What is continuous improvement?
Continuous improvement consists of incremental initiatives and innovations to achieve best practices at the individual, group, or organizational levels. Continuous improvement describes the ongoing monitoring and adjustment of processes, services, and products that lead to better results.

How we work

  1. Our team meets with those who express interest in setting continuous improvement goals and, using a variety of well-tested tools, assists with identifying the current status and defining the desired change
  2. We provide as much hands-on support as requested, including identifying, modifying, or creating evaluation tools; conducting and interpreting assessments, working with program partners to deliver information to leadership, administrators, and to all members of an organization
  3. Identify training needs, match needs with training, deliver high quality training, and measure its effectiveness
  4. Create an environment of life-long learning and growth among employees
  5. Encourage an atmosphere of integrity, positivity, inspiration, and fun
  6. Celebrate successes, small and large, with our partners and collaborators

The Center for Continuous Improvement at Children’s Institute sets itself apart from other organizations by:

  • Having long-standing community connections and understanding the challenges and intentions of child- and family-serving organizations across a wide range of sectors
  • Being housed and supported by Children's Institute with its deep research roots and strong partnerships
  • Providing consultation and support designed specifically for each agency, organization, group, or individual with whom we work

What we do

  • Initial consultationm planning, and brainstorming
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Summary report of current status and recommendations
  • Present findings to members of the organization
  • Customize continuous improvement processes, monitoring, goals, and training for each organization
  • Train all staff to take ownership of organization's continuous improvement systems
  • Provide and necessary tools and materials

Assessment and program evaluation

  • Design effective assessment, using data currently available when possible, to detect current status
  • Create program evaluation based on intended short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals of the organization
  • Conduct complete program evaluation including (not limited to) measure development, data collection, data analysis, interpretation of findings, report preparation, presentation of results and recommendations

Who we work with
The Center for Continuous Improvement at Children's Institute works with any child-serving individual, group, organization, or agency that expresses interest in monitoring their progress and identifying opportunities for change. These may include

  • Youth-serving Community-Based Organizations
  • Schools or school districts
  • Faith-based youth serving organizations
  • Clubs and teams
  • Parent and family groups
  • Others

For more information, please contact mallan [at] (Marjorie J. Allan, MPH, Director, Center for Continuous Improvement) at (585) 295-1000 x239.

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