Caring Connections

For families with preschool children
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Offers you FREE use of a Chromebook tablet and 4 months of FREE access to the internet.

COVID continues to interrupt connections and services that support your family. Access to the internet is more important than ever – for learning, playing, and health.

Caring Connections will learn from you, as your family’s leader about how to best support YOUR goals, interests, and important family needs. 

Caring Connections helps your family stay safe and well during COVID. Your preschool’s contact will help you connect with:

  • Places to get food
  • Tips from other parents
  • Tips on early childhood education
  • Products for health and safety
  • Remote learning / technology support
  • Health and safety supplies and resources
  • Quick developmental checks for your child

… and more!

During the 4 month program, a Caring Connectors support person from your child’s preschool will support you for 10 weeks – to help you use the tablet and help to connect your family to online services.

  • All services are FREE.
  • The tablet is being managed by the Rochester City School District (RCSD), so keep it as part of your child’s preschool enrollment until new devices are provided by the RCSD.
  • Use this tablet to find helpful – and healthy – community information!



We look forward to working together to support young children – and your family.

Contact us for more information about joining CARING CONNECTIONS.