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Children's Institute In The News

31 January 2018 |

Below is a collection of news articles, publications, and videos that Children’s Institute staff have created, contributed to or were written about our programs. We’re proud of all the great work done by our organization and its employees, working hard every day to support the success of children.

  • Former Primary Project Supervisor, Sarah Gheen, was in the news for her work with school counseling interns as child associates. To read more about their work and approach, click here.

  • Elizabeth Devaney, Director of the SEL Center at Children’s Institute was published in Journal of Character Education. Her article, ‘Ready to Implement? How the Out-of-School Time Workforce Can Support Character Development Through Social and Emotional Learning: A Review of the Literature and Future Directions’, written with Deborah A. Moroney is available now.

  • The Growing Out of School Time Field: Past, Present, and Future is now available for purchase and includes a chapter (chapter 17) written by Elizabeth Devaney. “This anthology is designed to be a platform for research-practice discussions and future directions that could further grow, sustain, and improve the field. We hope this book inspires both reflections and conversations on the OST field.”

  • The Training & Coaching Center, the latest venture from Children’s Institute, is launching! Check out this article in the Rochester Business Journal for more information.

  • Also published about the Training & Coaching Center, this article from WXXI with quotes from Elizabeth Devaney, “Training really isn't effective in changing a practice. It's really about how do we build knowledge, build understanding around child development, around social and emotional health, around physical health, and a connection between those things for pretty much anyone who works in a building and supports children."

  • New from the SEL Center, Reestablishing Normalcy in Your Classrooms and Programs After Winter Break {{video}}

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