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16 February 2021 |

Most people have heard about and use famous inventions, but may not know the African American inventors behind these devices.

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02 February 2021 |

On Friday, January 27, 2021, a distressed 9-year-old child in Rochester, NY was handcuffed and pepper-sprayed as police officers tried to resolve her crises by getting her into the back of a police cruiser.

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27 January 2021 |

On Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 5-7 pm, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was distributed to 20 child care businesses that serve Rochester’s children.

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08 January 2021 |

Like many, we watched Wednesday’s event at the United States Capitol knowing our children were also watching, listening, and learning. In this darkness, we want to share ways we as adults can do better by demonstrating to children and youth that …

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18 November 2020 |

Help make the holidays brighter for the schools and childcare centers that we support!

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