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Mid-Year Activities for Primary Project Teams

13 February 2023 |

Hooray for being halfway through the school year! Mid-year can be a busy time for Primary Project programs. It’s at this point in the school year that teams typically:

  • Meet with teachers to discuss student progress from cycle 1 and determine which students are ready to “graduate.”
  • Complete post data for students that are “graduating.”  
  • Take note of any qualitative data (stories or quotes) that you can pair with your quantitative/numbers data.
  • Review and reflect on your evaluation reports from cycle 1 and share those results with teachers and administrators.  
  • Review mid-year screening data.
  • Meet with teachers to identify and select students for cycle 2.  
  • Obtain parent permission for cycle 2 students.
  • Develop and send out parent communications.
  • Prepare and participate in the National Certification process.  
  • AND depending on your program, you may have other activities happening as well!   

No doubt that there are many students benefitting from the support of Primary Project! Do you have a favorite success story from the year? We would love for you to share it with us! Feel free to contact Lynn Smith or Shelley Sanyshyn.


–Lynn Smith, LMSW
Co-Director, Primary Project


–Shelley M. Sanyshyn, MS
Co-Director, Primary Project

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