We invite you to check out the T-CRS (Teacher-Child Rating Scale) Percentile Range report! You can find this new report under tabs Admin > Instrument Reports in the Group Data Reports section.

This new report was created in COMET to help teams to better understand changes in Primary Project students based on why children were referred.

Here’s what’s new:

  • One way to measure change is to compare pre-scores against post-scores. By targeting children with pre scores in the risk zones only, changes can be zeroed in on based on the areas children were referred to Primary Project for and eliminate the areas they were not.
  • For example, a child with the following pre percentiles (task orientation=29%, peer social=50%, assertive social=78%, behavior control=16%) will have task orientation and behavior control results included, but not peer social or assertive social because those are not areas of concern.

Let's take a look at an example:

COMET Picture


In the example above, 237 students participated in Primary Project.

  • The Count 1 column shows the number of students that fell into the risk range at their pre-assessment.
  • The Count 2 column shows the number of students with both a pre and post T-CRS.
  • The report defaults to showing all four domains, but you can choose to look at results for one selected domain.
  • The default percentile range is also adjustable.
  • Additionally, a list of individual results by child is provided (pre/post/diff).


As always reach out to COMET support with questions!

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