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Susan Gorin - Nominated by Debbie Johnson

15 April 2020 |

Susan Gorin has faithfully served as an engaged, active, and visible member of the Children's Institute Board of Directors since her appointment in 2002. After she retired from the Board she has continued to be available to offer guidance and support building on her 25 years as an executive director. Throughout her tenure, Susan has lifted up the work of Children’s Institute to a variety of audiences and to support the mission whenever, however, and wherever she is journeying. While on the Board, she has served in many capacities including Vice President, Secretary, and Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee; as well as most recently as an active member of the CEO Search Committee. Living out of state has never resulted in a lack of engagement, either in person or connected through technology.  

Susan has promoted and continues to promote Children’s Institute in a variety of ways, including talking with others, telling our story, encouraging staff to present at the NASP National Conference and exhibits, and on one occasion made arrangements for a staff member to be part of the Carter Center national meeting on mental health. Susan has brought her knowledge of the needs of the social-emotional health of children and the services that are available to children and families across the country. Throughout her tenure at Children Institute she has lifted up our work and is able to give an “elevator speech” in a variety of ways and places in such a manner that it connects with the hearer.  

This nomination could continue to go on and on, but Susan is a woman who defers attention away from herself to others and to the critical issues of children’s emotional well-being! Thank you Susan for all that you have done for children around the country.


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