What's Great in Our State? Featuring New York 2022-23 Highlights

What's Great in Our State? Featuring New York 2022-23 Highlights

08 Sep 2023


What’s Great In Our State? 

Primary Project in New York State 
2022-23 School Year Highlights


Each year, Primary Project programs around New York State (NYS) are asked to complete an end of the year survey with program highlights being reported. This past spring 90 out of a possible 103 surveys were completed from programs across the state (87% completion rate)


Numbers Screened and Served
  • Schools that submitted a survey reported a total of 14,921 students were screened for program participation and 1,557 students were served.  
  • Almost 30,000 Primary Project sessions occurred in playrooms across the 2022-2023 school year!
  • Data collected for NYSED supported programs demonstrated that 60% of students served in the program were Kindergarteners and First graders
Teacher-Child Rating Scale (T-CRS) *outcomes only for NYSED funded programs
  • Students identified as “at risk” in each of the 4 areas on the TCRS showed significant improvement from pre- (before Primary Project) to post- (after participating in Primary Project).
  • The greatest improvements were seen in students’ Assertive Social Skills status and students’ Task Orientation status. 
Associate Child Rating Scale (A-CRS) *measures from child associates
  • The A-CRS results from pre to post showed that children made significant gains in Initiative/Participation and Self-Confidence
Professional Summary Report (PSR) *measures from mental health professionals
  • Mental health supervisors reported the top two (2) areas of improvement were the same as those reported by child associates: Initiative/Participation and Self-Confidence.
  • Mental health professionals also reported significant improvements in children’s Shy/Withdrawn and Anxious behaviors, Assertive Social Skills, and Peer Social Skills.




ScaleAt risk (pre–Primary Project)At risk (post Primary Project)No longer at risk
Task Orientation1498960
Behavior Control1398158


Peer Social Skills1137241

Figure shows children who were identified as “at risk” on the T-CRS during pre- assessments and “at risk” status following Primary Project

Qualitative Data (the stories!)
  • “Overall, we really love the program and find value in it, and the kids love it as well. There is definitely a need for it and the benefits are visible within the student”.
  • “Primary Project has been an asset for our students. We have watched students grow emotionally as a result of participating in the program. Not only do they love going to Primary Project, but they are also building their SEL skills while having fun playing”.
  • “Every year we see kids flourish, and benefit from this program. We are proud to continue to offer the program to our students. We appreciate the collaboration and look forward for many more years to come”!
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