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Reflection activities for the end of the school year

14 June 2022 |

As we approach the end of another school year, taking time to reflect as educators and providing space and time for our students to reflect is important. Reflection is key to personal growth and self-awareness; it can help individuals identify personal strengths and proud moments, make sense of learning experiences, see how far they have come, and identify areas for continued growth. Providing students with a variety of reflection options can help ensure a meaningful reflection experience.

Some choices could include:

  • Inviting them to share their story of the year; this could be through art, writing, or a combination.
  • Asking students ‘What advice would you give to next year’s students?’ They could write a letter, create a top ten list of helpful things to know, create a poster, book, song, or presentation to welcome new students and share advice.
  • Reflecting in community through morning meeting reflection prompts (favorite memories, something you learned, something you can do that you couldn’t do at the start of the year, something you are thankful for, something you are proud of, something you hope to learn next year)
  • Encouraging students to draw or write on cut-outs of hearts (for favorite memories), stars (for proud moments), and flowers/trees (for learning/growth)
  • Asking them to write a letter to themself to reflect on the year

Reflection questions for students
Reflection questions for teachers

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