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15 April 2020 |

Susan Gorin has faithfully served as an engaged, active, and visible member of the Children's Institute Board of Directors since her appointment in 2002. After she retired from the Board she has continued to be available to offer guidance and support building on her 25 years as an executive director. Throughout her tenure, Susan has lifted up the work of Children’s Institute to a variety of audiences and to support the mission whenever, however, and wherever she is journeying.

15 April 2020 |

This past January, Children’s Institute hosted their bi-annual Community Update with a theme of ‘Coming Together.’

18 March 2020 |

When working to support your child's social and emotional development, one of the most powerful things you can do is to help them understand the connection between cause and effect. Books are an excellent way to support this skill because we can look at the actions and emotions of characters to understand these connections, in a way that is safe, flexible, and objective for young people.

16 March 2020 |

Health Magazine Affirmations for Anxious Days


1. Get good information. It’s easy to let our minds run with the latest rumors popping up on social media, or listen to the talking heads speculate on cable news. Between video clips, memes, photo captions, and personal posts, we might see inaccurate information where ever we look. However, its most important during times of increased anxiety to make sure the information you are internalizing is high quality, timely, and well-informed. The same technology that enables rumors also empowers us with the ability to go right to the source for our updates, and although it may not be as fun as looking at memes on Facebook, it’s certainly more useful. We recommend following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the federal Department of Health, and your state Department of Health for the best information. Subscribe to updates and check in with official sources.